Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 Months

Dear Ryan,

Today at 2:38 pm you turned 2 months old. As cliche as it sounds, it is hard to believe! In some ways it feels like you were born just yesterday, and in other ways it feels like you have been a part of our lives forever. You have found your niche in our little family, and I can't imagine life without you.

You have grown in so many ways since the day you were born. Not only are you so much bigger (at the last pediatrician appointment you were in the 97% for height!) but you are also so much more active and engaging. You coo and giggle and laugh. You look directly at your Mommy and Daddy when we talk or sing. You grab for toys on your activity mat, and just earlier this week you rolled over from your belly to your back! I think it was a bit by accident, but you have repeated it a number of times and are growing more and more able to do it consistently. You also learned to yell when you want to be picked up but aren't actually that upset (you're already learning that when you make noise Mommy usually comes to get you!). You are sleeping well at night (5 hours straight, then a feeding, 3 more hours, a feeding, and then sometimes 2 more hours!) You are a joy to be around and I love you so much!

My favorite part of each day is when you fall asleep in my arms after you nurse. You just look so content, calm, and peaceful. Sometimes I let you stay there to nap on my chest (and I nap too), but other times I try to put you in your crib. So far you haven't slept in your crib for very long. You seem to like to be down where all the action is. You sleep best during the day with noises in the background. I guess that's a good thing. But whether you like it or not little guy, you will start taking naps in your crib at some point! :)

In the 2 months you have been here I have given you more nicknames than I would have thought: Bubbualou, Squirt (b/c of your tendency to "squirt" during diaper changes), Little man, Munchkin man, Buba, Boo Boo, and Peanut. I am pretty sure you're not going to know your name is actually Ryan!

Another amazing aspect of your life has been watching your Daddy take on the role of Daddy. He loves you so much and already has such a special connection with you. I always knew he would be a great Dad, but seeing it in action is more special then I anticipated. I have fallen in love with him all over again!

Speaking of love, I am so often overwhelmed by how much I love you. Sometimes just looking at you brings tears to my eyes. It is amazing that Daddy and I created you and that you are so perfect and so beautiful! I can't wait to watch you grow and develop and fill my heart with even more love.

Happy 2 month birthday baby boy!



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