Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Caring for Real People

Today, Election Day, I was trying to stay non-political on all forms of Social Media. I proudly voted this morning, perhaps more proudly today than any other election year, not because of the Presidential Election, but because of so many social issues on the ballot here in Maryland about which I feel so strongly. I am more anxiously awaiting the results of the Marriage Equality Act and the "Dream Act" (its not called that on a State level, but its the State equivalent of it) tonight than I am the results of the Presidential election, because these are results that will immediately and greatly impact the lives of so many real people in a profound way. And so, I will go ahead and be political today, because I want my boys (one almost three years, one to be born in two months) to know that they come from a family that cares about people, above all else.

Dear Ryan and Baby Boy #2,

Today is a special day in our country, the United States of America. It is a day in which we get to vote and voice our opinion about what is best for our Nation, our State, and our Communities. It is a day that many men and woman have fought hard over the years to make sure we all get to continue to participate in. It is a day that makes many Americans feel very proud.

This year is a Presidential election year, which means it is a year in which we, the American People choose who will be the leader of our Country for the next 4 years. Many people feel very strongly about who to vote for. And your Daddy and I are certainly two of those people. And while I won't go into detail, I hope, when you're older, that no matter who you vote for, you will vote for the person who you believe truly cares the most about all Americans. I hope you will vote for the person that wants all people treated fairly and with respect. The person who doesn't want to limit the rights of others because of who they decide to love. I hope you will vote for the person who seems like they will do the most to protect this great Earth we have been allowed to inhabit.  Vote for the the person that you think will try his/her hardest to do the right thing for the most people.

This year in Maryland, our State, not only do we have the chance to vote for our President, but we have the chance to vote on two very important social issues. These are issues that affect the every day lives of many people. One of these issues is allowing people who came here to the United States, from other countries, as children, to attend Maryland Colleges and Universities, and pay the same amount as people who were born in the United States. This is important because even though these people may have been brought to the USA by their parents, and it may not have been legal, they were children and didn't know any better and didn't have a choice. They have grown up here and many of them view America as their Country. As long as they have been good citizens, meaning they follow the laws and are kind to others, then they deserve to go to college for the same price as the two of you. This will make college much more affordable for these young people, so more of them will be able to go to school, and they deserve that opportunity.

The second Social Issue is what is called Marriage Equality. This is a law, that if passed will allow any person living in Maryland to marry any other person they love. Some families have a Mommy and a Daddy like our family. Other families have two Mommies and other families have two Daddies. Currently, in the families with two Mommies or two Daddies, the mommies and daddies can't get married. But this new law will allow anyone, 2 boys, 2 girls, or 1 boy and 1 girl to get married, as long as they are old enough and not related to each other. This is the way it should be. Marriage is a very special thing. It is a celebration of love and a commitment to another person forever. Whether you're a man who loves a man, a woman who loves a woman, or a man who loves a woman, you should be allowed to openly show your love and make it official through marriage. If Maryland passes this law, we will be the first State in the US to pass such a law by voting. And I will be soooooo proud to be a Marylander! Almost as proud as I am to be your Mommy!

I hope as you both get older that you will always remember how important Election Day is. You should ALWAYS vote when you have the chance. And when you vote, do your best to vote in a way that you believe will result in the most good for the most people. No candidate will ever be perfect. But follow your heart no matter what.

Love, Mama

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