Saturday, November 1, 2014

Connor Matthew: 1 Month

My Dear Connor Matthew,

Today, you turned one month old! What a month it has been. It truly has flown by, even faster than that first month did with Ryan and Zachary. You have become such an integral and natural part of our family that I really have to think hard in order to remember life before you. You continue to be an easy going, calm, patient baby who rarely cries. You sometimes have a fussy period in the evenings (and of course this falls during your brothers' bedtime, making our evenings a little stressful) but even this "fussy period" isn't that fussy and doesn't last that long.

You continue to be a decent sleeper. I nurse you before I go to bed around 10, and then you wake once or twice a night to nurse. Usually you wake around 2:00 and then again at 6:00 (which is about when I should be waking up anyway). Sometimes you wake at 1:00 and 4:00. But you always go right back to sleep. I cannot complain at all!

During the day you still do a lot of sleeping, but lately your awake periods are so much more awake! You're really starting to notice the world around you. You smiled absolute, true smiles for the first time on October 29th. You were looking at me and just broke into a huge grin. It was adorable and you have done it numerous times since then. It makes my heart melt every single time.

You are a super snugly little guy. While you're pretty content when you do need to be put down, you'd much prefer to be held, or snuggled in the carrier or wrap. You curl into a little ball and just love to rest in the crook of Daddy's arm, on Mommy's chest or shoulder.

You got used to diaper changes and baths much more quickly than your brothers. I'd say you stopped screaming during diaper changes after the first two weeks. And you really only fussed for your first two "real" baths. Since then you lay back, relax and enjoy.  I think its safe to say you love getting a bath. And your brothers love to help. Zach always makes sure that the wash cloth we lay on you stays warm. He slowly and carefully pours warm water over it. Ryan likes to clean your feet and rinse you off. (Of course all of this helping is done with close supervision from Mommy or Daddy!).

Watching your brothers interact with you is still one of the best parts of you being here. Zachary is just so very, very gentle with you...much more gentle than your average 21 month old. He gets very concerned if you cry and says, "Baby....eying (crying)" to whoever will listen. He has never once shown jealousy or aggression towards you and I couldn't be more proud of the way he has responded to your arrival in our family.  Ryan just adores you. He would give you kisses and hugs all day long if we let him. Ever since you started smiling he loves to talk to you and coo at you in order to get you to smile. It is just adorable. Zach clearly watches how Mommy cares for you very closely. He often mimics the things I do with you, with his baby doll. He puts the doll on his shoulder and pats his back to make him burp. He puts the baby down his shirt to mimic having it in a wrap. Ryan can always be counted on to keep you company or run to your rescue if you start fussing and Daddy or I can't get to you immediately. You're very lucky to have the two brothers you have. They're pretty special little guys!

Connor, you are such a perfect addition to our family. You have truly fit right in from the start. Its difficult to remember our family before you arrived. Most people don't believe it, but the transition from 2 kids to 3 has been the easiest growth in our family. Going from 0 to 1 was indeed the toughest!

We love you so much Connor! We can't wait to watch you grow....and yet, we are cherishing your babyhood. We know it will be our last. And so, for once, I can sort of begin to understand the sentiment of "enjoy every moment" (even though it always drives me crazy when people say that to new moms!). Even when its stressful, and I am not succeeding at meeting all three of our kiddos' needs at the same time, I often find myself thinking things like "they're only this little for a short time." You have given me the gift of truly enjoying a newborn-hood as much as possible. And I really truly am enjoying it!

I love you so much, sweet Connor!



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