Thursday, October 1, 2015

Connor Matthew: 1 Year!

My Dearest Connor,
Today you turned 1! Yes, one YEAR old! I spent much of today looking back at pictures and video of you being born. It was an amazing day…One I will never forget. I realized as I was looking at these pictures that I never really shared the video of your birth. Initially I didn’t because we weren’t supposed to take video. But, I’m fairly certain that ever since the story of your birth aired on NPR, with audio from the video we took that most of the world knows we recorded it. So, I’ve made a special video for you. (For anyone viewing it, it is a video of a surgery. So, there is blood. And yes, it is a video of a birth, so my chest is bare. Don’t watch if either of those things offend or bother you). Every time I watch this video I cry tears of joy. Connor, your birth was an AMAZING day. And Daddy and I are so very happy we got to spend your very first minutes on this earth, with you, together.

But as amazing as those early minutes were, the past year has been even better. You are just a joy to be around. I call you “Happy Connor C” when I tag pictures of you on Instagram and it continues to be true. You are rarely sad. The only times you cry are if you’re tired or hungry, and even then, you’re amazingly tolerant of our busy life with three boys that has you eating and sleeping on much less of a schedule than your older brothers were ever on. You’re a happy little guy who is happy to go wherever we go. Though, more and more you want to be up and about and are no longer content to just stay in the carrier snuggled against Mama or in the stroller.  So, outings are more interesting these days, but you still make traveling with three kiddos pretty easy, considering!

You love your brothers, you love your NeeNee and PopPop, you love Mommy and Daddy, and you love books! Boy do you love books. You love books more than any one year old I have ever met, including your brothers! You especially love the “That’s Not My….” touch and feel books and if you could, you would snuggle in someone’s lap all day long and have them read to you. Every morning, when Nee Nee or Pop Pop wakes up (because we are living at their house right now while we wait for our new house to be built) the first thing you do is grab a book, hand it to them, and wait for them to scoop you into their lap to read. It’s adorable, and I think it is one of the things you, NeeNee and PopPop will miss most once we move into our own house!

You continue to be a good eater. You are MUCH more of an adventurous eater than either of your brothers was at this age. You will try pretty much anything and so far there are few things you don’t like. I hope it stays this way, because having at least one kid who eats well is wonderful! (To be fair, Ryan is getting better….Zachary is still one of the pickiest eaters I have ever met!).

Sleep is another issue….but that’s Mommy and Daddy’s fault. We’ve spoiled you. We let you sleep in our bed once you wake up and I’m not sure how we will ever break you of this habit. Oh well, you’re only little once. I’ve made the song lyric, “let them sleep in the middle, oh, let them be little” our theme song. J

Connor, you are a wonderful addition to our family. We are so glad you’re ours and we cannot wait to watch you grow over the next year and all the many years after that. We cannot wait to watch the relationships with your brothers continue to develop. We hope the three of you will be best friends. We can't wait to see you develop even stronger bonds with the many people in this world who love you. You're a special little boy and it is clear that you have a special way of finding your way into the hearts of people who meet you. We love you so, so, so very much! Happy 1st birthday sweet boy!

Love always,


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