Saturday, August 20, 2011


There are so many things that I have been meaning to post about lately, a trip to the beach, fun summer outings, etc. And I will get to them. But today, something happened that I must post about now.

While I have been working at a pediatric Hospice for over a year now, we just opened to accepting patients a few weeks ago. So, my direct patient contact has been limited since Ryan was born. That changed today.

Today I danced to Michael Jackson with a little boy dying of Neuroblastoma. A little boy not much older than my son, and who in my arms, with his head resting on my shoulder felt about the same weight as Ryan. If t weren't for his bony little elbows, his knobby knees (chemo has destroyed his appetite), and his rich, beautiful brown skin it could have been Ryan. Fortunately for this little guy the location of his tumor has not yet affected his ability to walk, play, run, dance, and smile. He doesn't know he is dying, but everyone around him does. In that moment, swaying to "Beat it" (his sister chose the music, and she has good taste!) with this lovable little boy that I had just met I felt my eyes welling with tears. I am so grateful that my baby boy is healthy. And I hope and pray that he, and any subsequent children we have will stay that way far into old age. At the same time I again found myself in awe of the Moms and Dads who parent these special children and somehow find the strength and courage to get up every day and face what the world has put before them.

So, to my little Michael Jackson dancing buddy and his family (and all the other children and families I have had the chance to work with in this special work I do): thank you for letting me enter into your home, your life, your world. Thank you for giving me a little more perspective on how much I should appreciate and be thankful for every moment I have with my little family.

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