Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ryan is at such a fun age right now. He talks up a storm; he is starting to use "pretend play" more and more. He is more and more affectionate. And yet, with all these milestones comes increased frustration (on his part, and consequently on mine) when he doesn't get to do exactly what he wants to do. As a result he has learned what a "Time Out" is and he sits in one about once a day or every other day for minor infractions. But mostly, he is just a blast to be around. There have been so many little snippets of time lately that I have thought to myself "I need to blog about that!" And I have generally been really bad about blogging lately. So, I will try to capture as many of those snippets as I can here in this post. 

About 2 weeks ago Matt and I were in the car with Ryan. Matt was driving. Ryan was keeping busy in the back seat listening to his favorite Barenaked Ladies CD (if you weren't aware that BNL makes kids CDs you should DEFINITELY check them out!). Matt started to change lanes and in my opinion he was very close to the car in front of him. I said, "Matt! Watch out!" to which Matt responded, "It's fine, Kristen! I see the car!" We weren't mad...just stressed :)  Well, then Ryan added his two cents. He said, "Mama! Dada see car! Deesus!" Yes, apparently Matt and I take the Lord's name in vain a little too often and Ryan has picked up on it. OOPS! 

Ryan has always been a lovable kid. Since he was very small he would give hugs spontaneously. And now, he is learning to verbalize his affection. Night time is one of my favorite times with Ryan. We read two books and then we rock in the rocking chair to two songs. During this time Ryan often chatters away about his day. He counts ("1, 2, 7, 8 9, 10, 11!!"), he says his ABCs ("a, beeeeee, ceeee, double, x, y zeeeeee!"), and he shares memories from outings in the weeks past, "Mama! No cows in da big barn!" "That's right, Ryan. When we went to the farm three weeks ago there were no cows in the big barn."). Well, the other night he melted my heart. He had been chattering, and then he quieted down. He nestled his head into my neck and said the three most beautiful words I have ever heard. "Love you, Mama." I love you too buddy. With every ounce of my being. 

This next snippet probably isn't going to be all the funny to anyone except me and my husband. But that's OK. It’s still something I want to remember. From the time Ryan was about 3 months old his favorite book was "Hello, Baby!" by Mem Fox. Anytime Matt would read this book to Ryan he would say it was by "Red Fox." You know, the actor from Sanford and Son? Well, then it became habit, and every book Matt read to Ryan he would say, "by Red Fox." Recently, we were in a bookstore and I wanted to look up the "How Do Dinosaurs...." series but I couldn't remember the author because all I could think of was "Red Fox." So, I convinced Matt to start reading the correct authors. So, now for example, we may read, "Big Dog, Little Dog. by P.D. Eastman." And without fail, after Matt or I say the correct author Ryan chimes in with, "and Wed Fox!" And then he giggles. He has quite the sense of humor that little boy!

I know there are so many more little snippets like this, but alas, I can't think of any right now. I guess that just means I'll have to post again soon. I also need to do a "Photo Montage" of all the fun things we did this summer. It was a great summer, filled with lots of fun outings. But I am very glad Fall seems to have made its entrance. I love autumn and all the fun that goes along with it! I can't wait to take Ryan to the Pumpkin Festival in October! That will indeed be fodder for more snippets! 

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