Sunday, September 1, 2013

No Where But Here

Matt and I sometimes muse about living places besides the DC Metro area where we live. Of course, the first place we always consider is Boston. It is where we went to school, where we fell in love, and where we have many fond memories. We would love to take our kids regularly to BC Football games  and have them grow up loving the city we love so much.

We think about moving to Canada at times. 1 year maternity leave, true universal healthcare, federally subsidized daycare, less humidity: It all sounds pretty tempting.

We think of cities where the cost of loving is much lower, Indianapolis comes to mind, as good friends just moved there. Where we could own our "dream home" for hardly a penny more than we paid for our current, tiny, townhouse. Where we just wouldn't have to worry about money as much.

We think of exciting and new places where we've never visited: the Pacific Northwest, Colorado...or places we have visited and loved: San Francisco, San Antonio, etc.

And then, we have impromptu family dinners at my parents house. Where my children are surrounded by love, by their grandparents, their cousins, their aunts and uncles. Tonight we had one such dinner. My mom called us in the afternoon and invited us, we had no other plans, so we were able to go. My oldest brother and his family came as well. Mark and Catharine couldn't make it, but that was OK because we live close enough that we know we'll see them soon. Dinner was relaxed and fun, filled with little kid jokes, grown up humor that went over the kids' heads, my six year old niece trying to teach me the cup game, and lots of laughter and love.

On the way home, Ryan said, "That was so fun.  I just love Caitlin and Julia. But I like it best when EVERYONE is all together: Neenee, Poppop, Auntie Cindy, Uncle John, Caitlin and Julia, AND   Auntie Catharine, and Uncle Mark."

Me too, Buddy. And that is why we will probably never live anywhere else but where we live. All those tempting perks of other places can never compare to having our children grow up surrounded by impromptu family dinners, birthday parties nearly every month, fun outings, play dates, and so much love. Nothing compares to that.

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