Monday, August 23, 2010

Moments Like This....

It was bedtime. Ryan had just had an unusually grumpy evening (I think the Gelato that I was told "is water based and contains no milk" did indeed contain milk, and thus upset the GI system of my milk-intolerant 7 month old) and after a typical bedtime routine (bath, Goodnight Moon, Nursing...) I figured he would go right to sleep. But Ryan had a better idea.

After nursing for a few minutes Ryan decided it was time to laugh and giggle. It's rare these days that Ryan doesn't go to sleep pretty quickly after his well-established routine. And on the rare occasion that he doesn't, it is not filled with tears, but usually laughter. And instead of wishing he would "Just go to bed!" I soak up these moments.

He laughs, I laugh at him, and he giggles the most joyful little laugh that starts way down deep in his belly and escapes his lips in a flurry of unbridled joy! He brushes his fingers gently at my damp hair (from the shower I took after our evening jog, while Daddy gave him his bath) and rubs his face against mine. He is so snuggly and loving in these moments. I love these moments. It is moments like this that make the middle of the night wakings (yes, we still have our fair share of those) and the early morning risings (will there ever be a day again when I can sleep later than 6:30??) and the spit up on my freshly washed shirt, totally and completely worth it.

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