Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The AC Guy and the Dirty Diaper

Ryan is currently going through a stage in which he REFUSES to stay still during a diaper change. I am not just talking about squirming or kicking his legs. I am talking about full out flipping over and trying to crawl away. Fortunately, he usually stays still for the first few seconds, allowing the diaper changer just enough time to get the dirty diaper off, and clean up any areas needing cleaning. He seems to have mercy on you for these most offensive moments, but from there on out, you're on your own. Getting the new diaper on, putting on Desitin, and then getting his onesie snapped or his pants back on is a full on wrestling match.

Today this wrestling match lead to a rather humorous scene.

A few days ago Matt and I noticed that our house was getting progressively warmer, despite the fact that the AC was running non-stop. So, we called in BGE Home to have someone look at it. A lovely gentleman came by today, and checked it out and fixed it (at least temporarily). We chatted while he was here, and I learned that he was a dad, with two boys, ages 17 and 19. Ryan woke from a nap midway through his visit and as soon as I picked up Ryan I had a good idea of what woke up Ryan. Let's just say it wasn't the smell of roses coming from his bottom!

While the gentleman was heading out to his truck to get some paperwork, I asked him if he would be a few minutes or if he would be right back in, because I needed to change Ryan's diaper, but didn't want to hold him up, if he would be right back. He said, "Oh, it will take me a few minutes. Go ahead and change it."

So, as soon as the AC Guy headed out to his car I began the task of changing this particularly foul smelling diaper. (With a greater intake of solids we have bid farewell to the non-stinky breast milk only diapers...oh, how I miss those days!)  I previously mentioned that Ryan typically has mercy on the diaper changer for the first few minutes. Well, NOT TODAY!

As soon as I started to unfasten the dirty diaper, Ryan started squirming. All my attempts to turn him back over, to distract him, to firmly but gently say "No! Ryan!" (which does sometimes work....he does know what "No" means) were all failures! Ryan soon had poop on his arms and legs and on my leg. I was desperately trying to keep Ryan on the changing mat (which is now placed on the floor for ALL diaper changes) so that the poop didn't spread to the carpet. I was again trying to turn him back over, but that only resulted in the offensive matter ending up on my hand. And yes, of course, the AC Guy was now walking back in the door. He looked at me, looked at Ryan, and said, "Oh my! Wow....Uhhh, I'll just finish up the paper work." And he politely pretended to be busy while I wrestled, wiped, and disinfected my son and myself. Ryan then happily crawled around in just his diaper with the biggest smile on his face, while I sheepishly signed some paper work and thanked the AC guy for his time.

I think that was a visit that neither the AC Guy nor I will be forgetting anytime soon!

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