Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 Months!

Dear Ryan, 

 Today you turned 7 months old, and WOW! What a difference a month makes. You have learned so many new things in the past month! It is amazing! But before I talk about all the new things you can do, I just want to tell you all about you!

  You are soooo JOYFUL! You often wake up laughing (or making this noise that sounds more like a cough, but that we know is your laugh, and which Daddy and I find hilarious and adorable!) and you spend the majority of every day in a happy, joyful mood. Just looking at you brings a smile to my face. When you happen to give me one of those all out, every muscle in your face grins, I just melt. And I am so lucky as you give me smiles like that many times a day!


 There are so many things you love these days. Most clearly, you love Daddy and me very much. You smile when you see us after a nap or in the morning. You grin from ear to ear when Daddy gets home from work. You clearly miss us when you're away from you (yes, Daddy and I have made it a point to go on a date every month since you were born! We're lucky to have Nana & Pop-pop so close by so they can watch you!)You also love your extended family members so much. It is so neat to watch you developing special relationships with each of them. You love your big green ball which you chase around the house regularly. You love to play with toys (especially your "stacking bowls" and your music table). You like to dance and you laugh when Daddy sings. Mommy singing isn't as funny, but Daddy gets a giggle every time! You continue to love bath time very much and you no longer scream after it is over! And of course, you love to eat! You have yet to find a food you don't like, although Avocado is clearly your favorite (with Peas still being a close second and Bananas in third place). You simply seem to love the little life we've created for you here. And I hope that doesn't change in the coming weeks. Starting in a little less than two weeks I will start watching your cousins, Caitlin and Julia every day except Friday. You love your cousins, but I have a feeling you are going to have a hard time sharing me. I know we'll work through it, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a bit nervous.  

So, I mentioned that you can do SOOO many new things now! Here's a list:
  • As of July 23rd you can CRAWL! You took your first crawling steps and within days you were zooming around the house like a pro.
  • About 4 days after learning to crawl you started pulling up on furniture, toys, stairs (so far only the bottom step), your crib and people. You now can pull to standing very easily. But, you sometimes forget that you're not yet able to stand independently because you let go rather recklessly. Fortunately someone is always there to catch you, but it makes keeping an eye on you VERY important! (I wouldn't have minded if you just crawled for a while and didn't pull up quite so quickly!) But as Nana always says, "You're just such a busy little guy!" 
  •  You can now feed yourself using your pinscher grasp. You did this for the first time just yesterday (August 6th). You LOVE to feed yourself puffs and you're so good at it! You also are very proud of yourself. When I clap and cheer you smile ear to ear as if to say, "That's right! I can do it all by myself!"
  • You have two teeth on the bottom. They're almost all the way in now. I can't feel any others yet, but considering you like to gnaw on EVERYTHING, I would expect some more to make an appearance soon.
  • You can take your hat off all by yourself. You use to let me put hats on you and you would leave them there. Now you think it is a fun game, and as soon as I put one on, you pull it off.
  • You are so verbal! You make lots and lots of sounds including a sound that sounds very much like "Mama." You don't consistently say it yet, but you'll get there! :)

Well, I think that sums up all the new things you learned to do this month. It was quite a month!

I always seem to give an update on your sleeping. You are now a very consistent napper with two 75 minute naps a day and sometimes a short cat nap in the early evening. You don't sleep through the night :( But you are at least consistent. You usually wake up twice: the first time Daddy goes in and gives you a few snuggles and then you go back to sleep. The second time (anytime after 3:00) Mommy nurses you, and then you go right back to sleep. You typically wake up for the day sometime around 6:30. I know you'll eventually sleep through the night, just not yet I guess. However, feel free to start doing that at any moment! OK? Thanks!

Ryan, I love you soooo very much! It is such a joy being your mommy. As I tell you every night, as I rock you to sleep, I will love you always, forever, no matter what!

Happy 7th Month Birthday Little Man!




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