Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reflections on My 29th Birthday...

29 years ago today, I was born. Thus, as birthdays often tend to be, today has been a day during which I have been reflecting a lot on life. I wanted to write a blog post today, seeing as it is my first birthday as a mom, but I wasn't sure exactly what to write. And then, I read this post on a blog I read frequently. And, I was inspired.

In sum, the post I linked to above talks about how as moms we can often find ourselves talking openly about the difficult parts of parenting, because in many ways this is what is expected. We're supposed to be tired and complaining about the lack of sleep and the daily frustrations (i.e. Naps, or in Ryan's case the LACK of good naps) and talking about how "life is NOT the same" since we had kids. And it's not. And in some ways, we need to talk about these challenging parts because we need support and to hear that it will get better and that we will survive.

It's rare, that in daily conversation, as moms, we go on and on about how wonderful life is; How GREAT it is being a mom; How much we LOVE it. Perhaps we're afraid of coming across as a gushing annoying mom who thinks her kid is better than the rest. Perhaps we are tired (because we all are!) and can't always take a step back to realize the wonderful parts. Perhaps we are just so preoccupied with the constant mental "to do" list we have running that we can't stop and just chat about the good things. Likely, it's all of the above. So, today, this is where I take the time to write about how amazing life is, today, as I turn 29 years old. Yes, I may sound gushing, and bragging, but today, as a present to myself I'll allow it. And as your present to me, you'll tolerate it :)

First of all, I can't talk about how great life is without talking about my Husband, Matt. I hit the jackpot when I met him for the first time just over 10 years ago. He is a kind, caring, gentle, funny, intelligent, loving, selfless, and talented person. He makes me so very happy, every day. I have been grateful for him ever since we became an official pair back in September of 2000, when I was a wee freshman in college. I have grown in my respect, adoration, and love for him as I have spent the past (nearly) 5 years as his wife. He teaches me daily about selflessness, teamwork, and kindness. And over these past five months, watching him blossom into an amazing Dad has been inspiring. He loves Ryan with every ounce of his being. It is evident in the way he can't put his stuff down fast enough when he comes home from work so that he can hold and snuggle Ryan; it is clear when he gives him a bath and talks/sings/laughs to him while gently making sure every inch of Ryan is clean; it is obvious in the way he continues to love me, Ryan's mom, endlessly. My husband is truly a very special Daddy.

And then, this brings us to Ryan. Ryan is such a JOY lately. Granted, on most days, he still won't nap for longer than 45 minutes at a time, but even with what seemingly is a lack of adequate sleep, he simply oozes joy. He smiles, laughs, and giggles regularly throughout the day. He smiles as his stuffed Puppy, at the crinkle sound of the Tostitos bag, at the spinning fish in his excersaucer, at the funny songs Mommy sings to him. He laughs at Mommy blowing raspberries, and Daddy crawling next to him on the floor. He giggles when Mommy and Daddy bob up and down while holding him or when Daddy rubs his hair on his face while giving him a bath. He flails his arms and legs in excitement as we sit him in his high chair and as he hears the water running for his evening bath. His joy, in turn brings us joy. It reminds us hundreds of times daily why we wanted children and why we longed for our first born. Ryan has enriched not only our lives, but our marriage.

Sure, being a parent is hard. It puts some added strain on our relationship. But it adds so much more. Matt and I are no longer just focusing on each other. No, we are now responsible for the well-being, happiness, and development of a tiny human being. This awesome responsibility, at times overwhelming, brings our relationship to a new level. It gives us a new sense of achievement. It gives us new insights and joys. It allows us to see each other in a new light. A light that at the end of the day, when we snuggle in each other's arms, makes us that much more grateful for each other.

Yeah, life at 29 years is pretty darn good. (And I haven't even gone into how my parents, brothers, sister-in-laws, and nieces play into my joy! They too enrich my life daily!). 29 years ago, I can't imagine my little newborn self imagined a more wonderful life. I am one lucky woman.


  1. Happy Birthday Kristen!

    I just got caught up on your latest blog posts... Congratulations on your new job! But, I will so miss you in the next coming weeks. It will be so weird to be there and know that you won't be walking in our room for a much needed chat. :( Those folks over there sure are lucky!

    The pics of Ryan eating solids are so cute! You are just moving right along. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you guys can get Ryan napping on his own soon. Nap time is important rest time for both baby and mommy.

    Oh, and love the blog background!

  2. Happy belated b-day! Love your post, you hit the nail on the head. The pictures of Ryan are adorable!


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