Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Some people win lotteries. Others win raffles. Still others hit the jackpot on the slots. I have done none of the above. But I did hit a far more important "jackpot:" the "Parent Jackpot." I was lucky to be born to two people who I believe are the most amazing parents ever to inhabit the earth. I know that is a lofty statement. But if you knew my parents you would begin to understand what makes me say this. Today, my parents celebrate their 37th Wedding Anniversary. In those 37 years they raised three children and are now the proud grandparents to three beautiful babes. We are all who we are because of the love my parents surrounded us with from the moment we were born.

I have always been aware that my parents were special people. Yes, even during my teen years I was grateful for them! But now, being a parent myself I realize even more just how special they are.

My Mom and Dad have always put their children first. I knew this, I appreciated it, but I didn't fully understand what this meant until recently. I guess I've always thought being a parent means putting your children first. Well, let me rephrase, being a good parent means always putting your children first. And well, since I knew my parents were not only good, but excellent parents, I thought the "putting us first" thing came easily. But I now know it is not easy. It is not just one decision that is made when you choose to have children. Rather, I now realize that the decision to put your children first is a decision that you make over and over again every day, multiple times a day.

We often take for granted the idea of putting your children first. But actually doing it does not just happen. It is intentional, and it is done repeatedly, every day of a child's life. It is an active decision that a parent makes every time they choose to forgo their own convenience/desire/want in the best interest of their child. But this is what parents do for their children out immense love. It would be easy to slip up and choose not to do this. There are many opportunities to slip up, and choose to put yourself first. It is an exceptional parent who is able to make the correct decision over and over again. I can't think of a single time my parents slipped up. Rather, my mom and dad have made the selfless decision to put their three children and three grandchildren first billions of time. They still choose to do this every day. Even as they are retired (or in my Dad's case nearing retirement) and their "baby" is 29 years old. For this, I say thank you!

Mom & Dad, thank you for being the amazing parents you are. Thank you for always putting us first! Thank you for the love you give so freely; a love that made me the wife and mom I am today. Thank you for my wonderful brothers! Thank you for being such a caring and devoted husband and wife to each other. Thank you for being a stellar example of a strong, committed, realistic marriage. Thank you for showing me that by putting your children first, your relationship as husband as wife can still flourish and grow (even through the hard, difficult, challenging times!). Thank you for making it so that I hit the most important jackpot of life! I love you! Happy 37th Anniversary!


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