Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No One Has Ever Asked Me That Before....

So, I had my "Day 3s" (as I learned they are called by the infertility crowd) today. And man, all doctors offices should run like Shady Grove Fertility. It is truly like a machine. Less so of the soft and gentle machine that I referenced before and more a true machine, but that was ok for what was going on today. I arrived at 7:00 for a 7:15 appointment. I waited maybe 5 minutes and was taken back for a blood draw. After that I was put in an exam room, where I waited about 5 minutes and then the radiology tech came in and did an ultrasound. In her words she "took a few basic measurements" and was done in about 2 and a half minutes. At least that's my guess. Maybe a little longer. But it was QUICK.

Once the ultrasound was done I met with a nurse who chatted briefly to make sure I had all my other needed appointments scheduled, which I did. During this conversation I asked a few questions. One of which was, "When they do the HSG do they use a water based or oil based dye?" She kind of looked at me funny and then said, "No one has ever asked me that before. I have no idea." I then explained that the reason I asked is because in a Harvard journal article I read that oil based dye has a slightly higher success rate of clearing blocked tubes but that it also results in a higher risk of pulmonary embolism. And no matter how blocked my tubes are, I don't want the oil based dye because I don't want an increased risk of P.E. She said, "Wow. What do you do?" I explained and she said, "I thought you were a doctor." HAH! Anyway, she said to let her know when I find out. And I will definitely be asking that the day of the test.

And then, I was out of there and headed on my way home. Total, (including the 15 minutes early I arrived) I was in the office today for 45 minutes). Talk about quick!

Today at 2:00 p.m. I got a call from the nurse who had my results and informed me everything was normal. And while that may sound like good news, I was kind of hoping they would find some easy-to-fix hormonal imbalance, I would take a drug, and all would be well in the world. We could go on to have babies easily again. But alas, that was not the case. So, we'll find out next Tuesday whether or not my tubes are blocked. I'll keep you posted!

And yes, I know, I still haven't posted pictures of Ryan. I promise! They are coming soon! I typically have time to post in the middle of the day (when all the kids are napping) and I only have access to my Ipad (which also explains any typos. I can't find spell check on the Ipad version of blogger. What the heck!?!?). When I am home in the evening, after Ryan goes to bed, I typically spend that time with Matt. But soon, I will be posting more pictures. There are some great ones from Easter!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Good luck with your IF treatments. We have 2 kids compliments of Shady Grove. :)

  2. I love when doctors offices run smoothly. Praying all goes well next Tuesday!

  3. I wish there was an infertility pill we could all just take to make things better! Sending you love for your HSG! Glad your a part of a well oiled machine. It makes all the difference.

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