Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warning: This post is political!

I have never previously posted anything in this blog that is at all political. But, this is one issue about which I cannot keep quiet.

First, go here and read this well-written blog post by Dr. Jen Gunter. Yes, if you follow me on Facebook I have shared a few of her recent articles.

The legislation that Arizona is trying to (and 9 other states have already) pass disgusts me. Regardless of your views on abortion, this type of legislation is scary! It is a perfect example of uninformed law-makers doing what they think is right without knowing all the information. I know so many children who are alive today simply BECAUSE their moms were informed about a complex, life-threatening diagnosis and they were able to seek appropriate care that saved their child's life. Had those mom's OBs been able to withhold that information their children would be dead today. The moms would not have known to deliver their baby at a hospital that would be able to do such complex procedures as exit to ECMO or an atrial septostomy immediately following birth. These laws could kill as many babies as they are hoping to save.  Not to mention, that a doctor should NEVER be able to withhold information from a woman about the baby inside her because they "think" it may cause her to do something with which they disagree. I get so confused when people extol the importance of "limited government" and then they support laws like this.


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