Monday, March 12, 2012

And So, We Will Try Again....

I am really trying hard not to focus on the negative. But man, it sure is overwhelming to feel like your body is betraying you every single month! I have such compassion for woman who go through this for years and years. It is truly painful. I was so hopeful this month, for so many reasons, and it didn't happen again.

But on the bright side, I called and checked with my insurance, and at the very least a consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist will be covered at this point. So, we have an appointment on March 29th. It is possible that some testing (if needed) could be covered as well. The only thing our insurance company puts a clear timeline on regarding fertility issues are the actual fertility treatments (IUI, IVF, etc). To pursue those you have to have been trying for a year. But, I sure hope we don't have to go down that road. Though, if we do, I feel incredibly lucky. Our insurance covers them at 100% as long as it is in network. We are truly fortunate that the company Matt works for has such AMAZING coverage.

We will have been trying for 8 months on April 1st (not that I'm counting! ;) Let's hope we don't get to 9......


  1. If you need an IVF practice, I loved Dr Mckeeby at Shady Grove Fertility at Anne Arundel Hospital. Let me know if you need any guidance. Nichole

  2. Oh, I'm sorry Kristen. I pray next month is the month! You do have awesome insurance! Josh and I had to pay for IVF out of pocket. We used Washington Fertility Center and Jaclyn is our proof that it worked. Good luck!


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