Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Baby Boy!


Today you celebrated your very first Christmas. And while you certainly didn't "get" every detail of it, there were certainly a few priceless moments.

Our day started with just the three of us: You, me, and Daddy. After you woke up (at 6:30) we snuggled in our big bed for a little bit and then we brought you downstairs (in your new Christmas PJs of course!). You got very excited when you saw a big pile of presents sitting in the middle of the floor. You immediately walked over to the pile and started picking up the presents and rearranging them. You carried them, put them down, stacked them up, and just enjoyed playing with them. Little did you know that they contained some pretty exciting things!


Trying to spin like the race cars!
You were very excited about the present opening for the first few presents but that whole process quickly lost is excitement. However, you obliged us, and would tear off just enough paper so we could feel content that you had actually opened the present and not us. You got most excited when you opened the "Lil' Speedster Racetrack." You were rather frustrated with how long it took mommy to get it out of the box for you! Once it was out you quickly caught on to the whole concept and not only put your cars on the spinning speedway, but  also cups, balls, animals, and at one point you sat in it yourself. You were clearly hoping that you would get to spin around just like the cars!

You also were excited about your laptop (from Gandma and Grandpa, who got to see you open it on Skype) and the bright colorful balls that were in your stocking.

After you had opened most of your presents you heard a knock on the door and got very excited again. It was Nana and Pop-Pop who came over to have breakfast with us. You didn't want to take your usual morning 9:00 nap so you sat and ate with us and actually did a great job! You sat so nicely and for a long time so all 5 of us really enjoyed breakfast.

Nana and Pop-pop left after we ate and then you finally took a nap. After your lunch we headed over to Nana and Pop-pop's house where you got MORE presents and we had a wonderful dinner. You LOVED the "Anywhere Chair" that Uncle Mark & Auntie Catharine got you. You climbed right in and sat down with such a proud little smirk. It was pretty cute! You also really liked the wind-up caterpillar that Nana and Pop-pop put in your stocking and the singing/saxophone playing Reindeer that Auntie Mo got you. Sometimes its the simple things that make you most excited!  In addition to all the presents you got you enjoyed playing with the GIANT box that your chair came in. Auntie Catharine had wrapped it with a huge bow and you and Caitlin played so nicely in it. You guys sure do have fun together (when you're not touching her stuff! ;)!

Daddy and I actually got to enjoy most of Nana's delicious dinner because you were napping. Though, your nap was pretty short and you woke up after only about 40 minutes. But that was OK, it's Christmas and you were so very excited! You probably heard all the people downstairs and wanted to join in the fun. You are a social little guy, after all.

We put you in your PJs at Nana's house and we headed home at around 8:30. It was a great day! You are now fast asleep upstairs and Daddy and I are EXHAUSTED! We are heading to bed too. We love you very much and hope you enjoyed your 1st Christmas! We can't wait to celebrate many, many more Christmases with you!



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