Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes...Life just works out...

I'm generally not one of those people who believes "everything happens for a reason." (DISCLAIMER: I pass no judgement on those that do, and can say I am somewhat jealous of those who do, as there must be tremendous comfort in believing that.) However, recent life events have me feeling that at least sometimes things happen for a reason.

Very soon after I posted my previous post--the post in which I reflected on my changing identity as a mostly stay at home mom--an amazing opportunity came my way. I was contacted by an organization in Baltimore that is developing the first ever pediatric inpatient hospice on the East Coast. They were looking for a Social Worker with extensive experience in this area (check!) and who was willing to work part-time (check!). I went and interviewed, and was offered a Consulting position on the spot.

I am THRILLED! This is an area about which I am tremendously passionate. It is something that will really put to use the year I spent completing a challenging fellowship in Pediatric Palliative Care. It is something that will allow me to improve the lives and deaths of many children and their families. It is something that will enable me to spend most of my time at home with Ryan (much of the work can be done from home) while still being intellectually challenged. It's a role that I feel was meant for me and I am honored to take it on!

Life really is working out pretty nicely for this Cam Fam. I am very grateful!


  1. sometimes there is comfort in believing things happen for a reason, but then you also have to grapple with what in the world is the reason and why did it have to be me? syndrome. it's not always as easy as everyone makes it sound.... just commenting, not complaining. :) glad you found the consulting gig. it does sound perfect for you.

  2. Excellent point Leighann and I couldn't agree more! I think even those of us who don't always believe everything happens for a reason wonder about "why me/my child/my brother/my parent/etc" when bad things happen.

  3. Awesome! Congrats on the new job! Sounds like the perfect fit! I know your new families will appreciate you as much as we do! :)


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