Thursday, April 15, 2010

Napping Bootcamp

Today, I officially decided that Ryan will take all (or at least almost all) his naps in his crib. Until now he has occaisionally napped on me, sometimes in the pack N play which is still downstairs, and often in his car seat if we have gone out on an errand. He falls asleep so easily in the car seat, and when we get home, I usually leave him there (I will probably still do this, but I will also try to limit going out when he should be napping. I know, the sleep experts say I should never do this...but, oh well!).

He rarely naps in his crib. Although he falls asleep in there just fine at night, he has always had a hard time staying asleep in his drib during the day. And until now, I haven't fought it because I know he is a miserable boy when he doesn't get his naps, so I figured it was just important that he get sleep, no matter where. Well, I've changed my mind! I need to reclaim my first floor for a period of time during the day so that I can straighten up, eat lunch, etc, and not worry that I will wake up Ryan. So, I officially started Nap Bootcamp today!

The first round, was not so good. I noticed a yawn and an eye rub at around 11:00 (he slept later than normal this morning, not waking for the day until 9:00) and so we headed to his room. I fed him, changed his diaper, turned on his "going to sleep music" and the cycle began. He would get drowsy, I would lay him in his crib, he would scream, I would pick him up, calm him down, and lay him back down. We did this over, and over, and over, about 10 times until finally at 1:00 he fell asleep in the crib. He only stayed asleep for 22 minutes.

The second round was MUCH better. We only did the above described cycle twice. He fell asleep at 2:30, and now, at 3:10, he is still alseep (although I am starting to hear him move around up there...but he may not be awake yet.) If you ask me, this is tremendous progress in just two rounds. Let's hope it just keeps getting better from here!

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  1. Good for you!!! Sounds like you're doing a fantastic job and little Ryan will be sleeping comfortably in his crib in no time! :)


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