Sunday, March 1, 2015

Connor Matthew: 5 Months

Dearest Connor,

Today you turned 5 months old. Yes, I know, I never wrote your 4 month letter. So sorry. But, I gotta admit, I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping up with your monthly pictures (haven't missed a month!) and blog posts as well as I have been! Being Mommy to three little ones is busy!

 You continue to be a joyful, happy, easy going little guy...For the most part. Your 4th month did bring a development in your personality in that you started actually having a "fussy time" in the evening. Every night when we are putting your brothers to bed, you become fussy and sometimes cry for up to an hour. It is heart breaking because you make the saddest face ever when you cry. Even Dr. Parmele commented on your sad face at your 4 month check-up, saying, "Oh my! That is such a sad, pathetic face!" Though recently, I've realized that this fussy time has less to do with there actually being anything wrong and rather with you missing Mommy.

See, I usually snuggle Zach and tuck him in and while I do this Daddy is with you, and its during this period of time that you start crying. Even when I am done with Zach though, you are so worked up that it's difficult to get you to stop crying (unless I nurse you, and then you settle down pretty quickly). But when Daddy went away on his first business trip since you were born you didn't have this fussy period at all during any of the nights he was gone. So, that's how I figured out that it's more about missing Mommy than about really needing anything or being uncomfortable. Now, tell me, why do my boys all become such Mama's boys!?!?! With you being the third, and flexible in every other way I thought we'd avoid this. But, when I think about it, I guess you're also the only one of our three who hasn't been regularly left with NeeNee and PopPop because I'm not working now. Alas....You're only this small once. Since I know you're my last baby I'm truly savoring every little snuggle that I get. I know they won't last forever.

Other than that one-hour period of the day, you are just the happiest, sweetest little baby I have ever met. You smile and giggle at pretty much anyone who gives you attention, yes, even strangers in the grocery store or at a restaurant. Though, you need to know that Mommy is close by and not going anywhere before you willingly give smiles to just anyone. Its not even a challenge to get you to smile. Pretty much all I have to say is "Hi Connor!" and you break into a huuuuge wide grin. Speaking of saying, "Hi!" I'm fairly certain that you're trying to say "Hi" back to me. You often say, "Hah, hah, haaaah!" when I say, "Hi Connor!" Its so very, very, cute.

You love your brothers and you smile and giggle at them practically anytime they are within your vicinity. Zach still loves to say, "Meee! Meee!" when you smile at him. Ryan loves trying to figure out the latest and greatest way to get you to belly laugh. Usually it involves him making a silly and VERY loud noise directly in your face. I always expect this to startle you, but you usually laugh at him. Which of course makes Ryan do it more and louder! You're a very loved little boy Mr. Connor C!

You love being in the car (unless you're hungry) and will just sit happily watching the world go by, even when you're wide awake. You typically end up falling asleep anytime we are in the car, but you don't have to be asleep to be content. You love sleeping in your carseat, and yes, that's the place you nap every day. You have yet to regularly nap (or sleep at all for that matter) in your own crib. I've put you in there on occasion. But I still like having my baby in the Rock and Play right next to my bed at night, and so, that's where you sleep.

You continue to love baths and you cry when we take you out. Ryan and Zach still love to help give you your bath by rinsing you off.

You can sit up by yourself now, but you're not quite steady enough that I feel comfortable just leaving you to sit. So, I am always right there and often have the Boppy around you as a cushion to catch you if you fall. Just yesterday you rolled over for the first time! You rolled from your back to your belly, and you really don't mind tummy time at all. As usual, you smile during it!

You still like playing on your activity mat and you now LOVE your exersaucer. You especially love spinning the little monkey. At dinner time you sit contently in your high chair and play with the toys I put there. Ryan, as usual entertains you during dinner. He often has to be reminded to sit down and eat because he would spend the whole meal trying to make you laugh.

You already seem to have conversations with people, just with your adorable coos and facial expressions. As Daddy says, you're very engaging.

Connor, you are just such a lovebug. You bring so much love and joy into our home. We're so glad you're a part of our family. We love you more than you will ever know.

Happy 5th-Month-Day sweet boy!!

Love always,


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