Friday, March 15, 2013

Zachary: 2 Months

Dear Zachary,

Today you turn two months old and you remain an easy going, great sleeping, happy little guy! In the past month you have become much more interactive with your world. You smile, you coo (I love your little coo sounds!), you try to reach toys on your activity mat, you kick your feet when you're excited, you look wide eyed when Daddy, Ryan, and I are eating. (I will never know how babies seem to innately know that food is food, but somehow they do. I remember being amazed by the same thing when Ryan was an itty, bitty, baby). You have a wide variety of little noises that you make now. You have your "Yay! I'm so happy!" noises, your, "Hey! Don't forget about me over here!" noises, your "OK, now I am really mad!" noises, and your, "Ow! My belly hurts!" noises. Though, unlike your brother, when you have a tummy ache it is usually very quickly remedied, and then you return to your happy, easy going self. I am very glad I decided to cut out dairy before you were even born, as I think it has made a huge difference for you!

Smiles for Daddy
You remain a joy of a little boy and we all love you so much! Ryan continues to be a very doting older brother and he truly looks out for you. Just yesterday, I was downstairs putting laundry in the washing machine and you were upstairs with Ryan (who was playing trains) in your bouncy seat. You spit up a little bit and Ryan went to wipe it up with the burp cloth I usually have lying nearby but there wasn't one there. So, he went to the drawer in the kitchen where we keep wash cloths, got one, came back and wiped your mouth, all on his own. When I came upstairs he said to me, "Mama, you didn't have a burp cloth for Zach, but its OK, because I got one for him and cleaned him up!" We couldn't be prouder of him!

Daddy and I still love snuggling you more than anything. And I especially love when you wake up in the morning. This is by far your most smiley part of the day. You just smile and smile and smile. Its as if you missed us immensely while you were sleeping and are so very glad to see us again. Seeing your smiley, cooing self is a GREAT way to start my day! I am such a very lucky Mama to have two such very special boys! I love you sooooo much!

Happy 2 month day, baby boy! I can't wait to see what lies ahead!

Love always,


Being 2 months old is tiring! 
(Says Zach: "By the way, my Aunties do ROCK!")

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