Sunday, June 24, 2012

I believe in the HSG!

So, as it turns out, when you feel awful pretty much 24-7 and are extremely exhausted on top of that you don't really feel like blogging. Huh. Go figure! And yet, there have been sooooo many things I have wanted to blog about. Seeing as I am starting to have some better days (no day is "good" so far, but at least more days are better!) maybe I will find some time to write. In the meantime, I wanted to share what I originally wrote on May 3, 2012, the day I first saw those two little pink lines on the pregnancy test. It is good for me to re-read this to remind myself of how over the top I was. I can't wait until this nausea is gone so I can feel that pure, uninhibited (by the feeling that I am going to throw up) joy again! 

So, yes, what I was hoping would happen, HAPPENED! I had hoped and prayed that according to the HSG my tubes would be "open" but that the test itself would clear out some minor blockage that had been preventing pregnancy. And well, this morning, our dream came true! Just over 2 weeks from when I had the HSG I had two VERY clear and obvious little pink lines on my pregnancy test. Matt and I are over the moon! Thank you for all your support and love! We couldn't be happier! :) We're going to have a second baby! Woohoo!

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