Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All About His Daddy

From the moment Ryan was born Matt has proudly and exceptionally taken on the role of Daddy. He is a truly amazing Daddy. He gives hugs and kisses with reckless abandon. He plays trucks better than anyone. He is stern when he needs to be but always gentle. He reads books with enthusiasm. He is a great tickle fight and wrestling opponent. And he loves his little boy more than I think he knew was possible. 

Ryan has always loved his Daddy, but recently he has been particularly enamored with this man whom he looks up to (both literally and figuratively!). He wants to do whatever his Daddy is doing and he just loves playing with him. There have been a few incidents recently that demonstrate just how much Ryan loves his Daddy. 

Most mornings during the week Ryan wakes up after Matt has gone to work. When I go in to get Ryan he says, "Hi Mama! What Daddy doin'?" I explain that Daddy is at work. To which Ryan replies (as this has been explained to him in the past) "Dada be home when we eat dinnah??" And I assure Ryan that yup, Dada will be home at dinner time! Ryan is very aware of when Daddy is home and when he's not and he anxiously awaits his return. And when he is not with his Daddy, he thinks about him and what he is doing.

Case in point: The other day when I was making Ryan's lunch he was riding on his toy car as he often does. He eventually drove up next to me, pulled at my pant leg, and said, "Mama, I go to work. Be back soon!" And off he went....

Ryan has always been an affectionate little boy, and lately he just showers his Daddy with love when he comes home in the evening. He grabs him around the neck and gives hugs. He runs up to him, hugs his legs and says, "Gotcha, Dada!" And last night, he did one of the cutest things he has ever done. Matt was holding Ryan as they were making a smoothie (something they do together most nights). All of sudden, Ryan held Matt's head in both of his hands, turned Matt's face towards him, and kissed him gently on the nose. It was so sweet, and such a spontaneous display of love. 

Ryan certainly couldn't look up to anyone better. Ryan and Daddy mutually adore each other and I hope it stays that way for a very looooooooooooooooong time! 

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