Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm back in the saddle again!

Wow!!! If there was an award given out for "Least Consistent Blogger" I would win it! I don't have any good excuse about why I haven't posted in sooooo long. Sure, I'm busy, life is busy, but...every mom who blogs is busy, and most are probably busier than I am. So, that's certainly no excuse. One excuse could be that when I do have free time I have been spending too much time on Facebook (I swear logging into Facebook is like entering a time warp...except you come out time has passed at an exponential pace as opposed to having stopped) but that certainly is a pathetic excuse! So, regardless of the excuse, I am now publicly committing to blogging more regularly. Considering I have posted not at all in the past 3 1/2 months I don't think doing it more regularly should be too hard. I've gotta start somewhere!

So, a legitimate post will be coming soon! But in the meantime, here are a few recent pictures of my little man (taken with my new, DSLR Camera!). Enjoy!

P.S. I know I am writing this as if there are tons of people out there who have been waiting with baited breath for my next post. Don't worry. I don't live under any allusions. I know this is not the case!


  1. Yay!!! We have been waited with baited breath for the next post!!! :) So glad you're back in the saddle again. Love the pictures! What kind of DSLR did you get?

  2. Geez, it's only 8:22 pm and obviously I'm tired enough to screw up my grammar in the above post. "Waiting"....not waited. :)

  3. Hey Sandy, I got a Canon Rebel T1i and I love it! I am still learning how to use it as well as trying to figure out LightRoom...but I am having fun in the process! You took a class at some point, didn't you? Where did you take it?

  4. Ryan is getting so big!! Glad to 'see' you again.

  5. Awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying your camera! :) I took at couple classes at the Northern Virginia Community College (Loudoun campus). It was not expensive and it taught me some photography "lingo" and how to use all the buttons on my camera. Even with the class, there's still a lot to learn! :)


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